The company

Espikem srl operates in tight collaboration with the Laboratory of Peptide and Protein Chemistry and Biology of the University of Florence (PeptLab), strongly linked to scientific research in the field of diagnostics and is specialized in design, synthesis, purification and characterization of peptides and their analogues of biomedical, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical interest.

News and events

18/04/2023 - Espikem obtained a grant from the MiSE's Patent+ tender to be allocated to the formulation and industrialization of new bioactive peptides.

The development of new peptides of cosmetic interest, capable of inhibiting the degradation of dermal collagen and therefore endowed with anti-wrinkle activity, has for years been the goal of a fruitful collaboration between Espikem and the PeptLab Interdepartmental Research Unit of the University of Florence.

Among the results obtained from this project, is particularly important the Italian patent jointly owned by Espikem and UniFi, titled "Bioactive peptides and compositions containing them", of which are inventors Dr. Fosca Errante and Profs. Lisa Giovannelli, Anna Maria Papini and Paolo Rovero, released on 04/21/2021 and extended internationally with application WO2020/245772 A1, with which Espikem participated in the MiSE's Patent+ tender, also financed with resources from the PNRR, obtaining a non-repayable loan to be allocated to the formulation and industrialization of new bioactive peptides, to move from the simple active ingredient to the finished cosmetic product, ready to be launched on the market.