The company

Espikem srl operates in tight collaboration with the Laboratory of Peptide and Protein Chemistry and Biology of the University of Florence (PeptLab), strongly linked to scientific research in the field of diagnostics and is specialized in design, synthesis, purification and characterization of peptides and their analogues of biomedical, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical interest.

News and events

16-18/04/2024 - Espikem presence at in-cosmetics global 2024 (Paris).
Espikem, active company also in the field of cosmetics, and owner of a patent concerning collagen modulating peptides, attended the leading global event for personal care ingredients "in-cosmetics global 2024" helded in Paris. Espikem was represented by Prof.Rovero in his technical seminar entitled "Development of a new anti-ageing peptide from research stage to production" in collaboration with Bachem. Great enthusiasm at the end of the event shown by three of the inventors of the patent, Prof. Papini, Prof. Rovero and Dr. Errante: